Music Lineup

Axel Thesleff

Where is the joy when restricting one’s self to a particular genre? For Finnish producer Axel Thesleff, the key to life is found in exploring each avenue of creativity with his main focus on the substance of the music and immediate self-expression. From bass-driven singles to unique experimental stylings incorporating middle eastern sounds, Axel Thesleff is becoming globally recognised for his work.

Beginning his career with a musical reinterpretation of T.S. Elliot’s ‘The Waste Land’, Axel Thesleff places focus on the emotion and story behind each piece of music that he creates. The producer studied musicology at the University of Helsinki, where he still lives today. In his music, you’ll find a running thread of social commentary, deeply personal life stories and messages of authenticity, each infused with intricate electronic elements.

Axel Thesleff gained notoriety when he released the irresistible single, ‘Bad Karma’ which racked up one billion plays across platforms and featured on the Adidas’ Faster Than campaign. Following this, the producer had a series of successful releases including ‘2 Down’ and the unique album Scenes From The Ocean which was inspired by The Outlaw Ocean expose by journalist Ian Urbina. The emotional video for ‘2 Down’ has also received numerous international awards, including Best Music Video at Rome Prisma Film Awards, Moscow Shorts, and the New York International Women’s Festival amongst others.