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Tal Ramon

“Aspire to fulfill your dream, believe that each individual needs to find his own purpose”

These are the words that have shaped Israeli singer-songwriter, pianist and composer, Tal Ramon’s life, his music and his vision for his compositions.

Tal was born at Tel Nof Airbase where his father, Ilan Ramon was a heroic Israeli fighter pilot. In 1998, the family moved to Houston, Texas where his father fulfilled his own dream and trained to be the first Israeli Astronaut.  Five years later, at the conclusion of a successful scientific space voyage, Col. Ramon and six fellow crew members were tragically killed during the Space Shuttle Columbia’s disastrous re-entry to earth.   An enduring and cherished reminder of his father, is a Steinway Piano which Col. Ramon, who played classical music, bought with his first paycheck when he became an IDF fighter pilot.  It is at this piano where Tal Ramon composes and draws the strength to share his feelings and aspirations with the world.

Ramon states that his compositions:

“Really accompany my life and the moments I live… my most personal moments, the longing, the loss, the love, the joy and the happiness.”

Ramon recently released his second album Od Lo Nigmar (Not Over Yet), Listen to it Here >>