Presenting Speaker Artist

Anne White

To lead with love, not fear, transforms how we experience self, our connection with others, and fellow living beings in this world. If we think of a continuum from aloneness and lacking to one of joy, resilience, and wellbeing, the ability to feel love deeply is the essence of this change. We all walk different paths towards this end, and many well-known scholars and organizations, as well as local leaders, contribute as our guides and teachers for this work.

Lead With Love is an educational, non-profit organization that cultivates in individuals and communities worldwide the understanding of and practical ways to attain deep love and connection. Our work is based on the integration of scientific, psychological and spiritual foundations.

Drishti Talk: "The Neurobiology of Spirituality"

Spirituality is inherent to our physiology and invaluable to our health and functioning. Innate perceptual capacities that exist in every person through which we experience love and connection, unity, and a sense of guidance from and dialogue with life. And it is crucial as formation of our identity to develop everyday practice to benefit strength for resilience.

More than a model for health, but a new paradigm for being, leading and relating that can help us act with better clarity and capability as we face humanity’s greatest challenges. Greater purpose & meaning. Better support & serve all through a lens of interconnectedness and shared responsibility. And we can learn to tap into larger field of awareness that puts us in better touch with our inner resources, with one another, and with the fabric of all life.