Presenting Speaker Artist

Dr. Ashley De Luna

Dr. de Luna is a licensed naturopathic doctor, craniosacral therapist, yoga teacher, and educator from New York. Her path to medicine began as a curiosity of the true healing capabilities of the human body. She has her own medical practice in San Diego, California where she focuses on gut health, mental health, hormones, and chronic infections. Her mission is to help you understand what your unique body needs. Her passion is to help you fall deeply in love with yourself & to understand what you are truly capable of.

Drishti Talk:

Trauma & Rewiring the Brain through Movement and Breath with Dr. Ashley de Luna, ND
Let's talk about mental health and emotional roller coasters. We will unravel emotional patterns that are deep within your nervous system and influencing day to day reality. This lecture is intended to remind you of the incredible power that you have over rewiring your brain and creating new patterns in any avenue of your life. This discussion will involve neuroanatomy, physiology, and workshopping different breath and mindfulness techniques to help you understand why these cycles show up while making these skills fun and actionable.
Hatha/Vinyasa Flow with Dr. Ashley de Luna, ND -  This mixed hatha/vinyasa class will explore the fluid movements and slow holds of asanas to open the chest, hips, shoulders, and side body.  We will focus on the anatomy of asana and the physiology of the nervous system that can be accessed via the breath. Modifications will be offered with an abundance of freedom to explore your unique structure and to make the practice the medicin