Jamie Butemeyer
Presenting Speaker Artist

Jamie Butemeyer

Jamie is a soul-centered, transformational leadership coach who specializes in helping individuals simultaneously uplevel in their relationships and in their businesses. Through 1:1 work and her signature program “The Leading Lady,” Jamie is a catalyst for individuals ready to claim greater fulfillment, abundance, ease, and clarity around what their greater vision and mission is in the world and how they can use their lives + businesses as vehicles for impact and raising consciousness on the planet. Jamie is a Certified Mastery Coach and a Mentor Coach for The Institute of Coaching Mastery as well as a RYT where she teaches embodiment practices weekly in Aspen.

Masterclass: Artfully Abundant

How to heal our relationship with money and practically apply spiritual principles to creating abundance in our lives + businesses with ease + grace.

It's one thing to know how to make money, it's another to learn how to make it from a place of ease and fun. Does money effortlessly flow into your bank account every month or do you believe that you have to hustle, work hard, and sacrifice your well being in the process to become 'successful?'

In this experiential workshop, I will teach you how unraveling your self worth from your net worth ironically increases your income and energy, along with practical and tangible ways to move through any negative beliefs you may be holding around money, work, and what you are actually capable of creating in your life.

You'll walk away with both a creative and fun inner + outer strategy on how to uplevel your relationship to money and how to truly work less and create more real, sustainable abundance in your life right away.