Presenting Speaker Artist

Katelyn Hansen

Owner of Goddess Glow and Goddess Gatherings, Katelyn Hansen is a Goddess Guide with a life purpose of illuminating the divine feminine energy knowledge within all who are curious. She has a background in dance, yoga and mindfulness to fuel her self-expression teachings. As a cancer survivor, she identifies as a warrior. As a Goddess Guide, Katelyn helps awaken the feminine. As a Yoga teacher, she guides connection to the mind, body, and soul. As a dance therapist, she teaches soul identification. Self-expression is Katelyn’s passion, her purpose and her own personal journey to source.

Drishti Talk: "Energetic Equilibrium"

All living beings and non-living things have both natural masculine and natural feminine energies and qualities. We will explore how to identify the importance of this knowledge and how to sit with each energy alone - as well as together.

To be in complete balance, we need to learn what exactly the energies are separately in order to create harmony between them. The blending of these energies make up how you truly see yourself and how you authentically self-express.

Together in this time, we live in a very masculine energy based world (work/eat/sleep-repeat). We will focus on feminine energy knowledge with exercises to implement into your daily routines and practices - creating a journey for energetic equilibrium.

This offering is for all humans curious, see you so soon!