Presenting Speaker Artist

Kevin Wong

Kevin is co-founder of Habitual Roots and its lead contact in Denver C.O. Kevin spent 6+ years managing projects within the engineering, nuclear, and software industries. Since breaking from his old-stories and conditionings of the world that allowed him to obtain his professional coaching license. With this, it inspired Kevin to recreate his relationship to the first thing we all had to learn, the breath. Kevin has become passionate about empowering others to reflect, connect, and reset habitually through the presence and peace that is within. Kevin’s love for people’s stories and appreciation of diverse upbringings drives his constant curiosity of the world. He encourages others to be an advocate for change and reflection. He has spoken and guided practices at corporate and community events across the country, aspiring to help others create powerful habits in their personal and professional lives.

Drishti Talk: "Habits to Fuel your Fire"

In this interactive talk Kevin will share activities to deepen your connection to yourself along with others around you. Venture into the habits that have shaped our state of being while learning ways to access them in a supportive environment. We will explore these areas:

  • Authentic Connection
  • How Celebration is Ceremony
  • Passing the Baton On

This workshop combines components of play with interactive exercises where you will practice methods to implement in your personal & professional life. By the end of this session, you will have a core understanding behind the values of your thoughts and intentions that you can practice in your everyday lives.