Sarah Boezio
Presenting Speaker

Sarah Boezio

Owner of Libra in Balance, Sarah is a licensed Massage Therapist, Spiritual Development Coach, and Drishti Beats 200-hour Yoga Teacher Graduate. Sarah decided to embark on a spiritual healing journey after many dark nights of her soul lead her to be hospitalized, questioning her purpose and existence on this planet.
While pursuing her Yoga Teacher Teacher Training, Sarah decided to enroll in Massage School after previously finishing her undergraduate degree in Business Teacher Education. Sarah has a heart for spiritual healing and shares her passion with women, students, teachers, and other healers.

Masterclass: Set Your Soul Free; How to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself by showing up for yourself in ways you never have before.

Sarah will share the story of her soul's evolution and offer a method of spiritual practices that will help you outwardly express your own internal transformation. We will bridge a connection between the ways we can show up for ourselves in our "worldly" lives, with the ancient spiritual teachings and philosophy of the chakras.