Presenting Yoga Artist

Dr. Stephinity Salazar

Stephinity Salazar, BD, DNM, CAT, CBP, CRP, MH, BA, RYT is a polymath, sui juris, and life-long yogini and ecstatic dancer, in pursuit of truth and justice and how she may best be of service during this transition into the Aquarian Age.  In her early years, her focus was on philosophy (all schools), religious studies and spiritual traditions.  In her twenties, while performing professionally as a circus artist and fusion dancer, she was introduced to Pythagorean geometry, plant medicine and ancient history, which further sent her down the rabbit hole.  Stephinity spent the following decade studying COP>1 systems technologies (overunity, aka “free energy”), biochemistry, and was introduced to frequency medicine.  For seven years, she dedicated her research to biophysics and health and completed her doctorate degrees, focusing on bioenergetic medicine.  She has a small, private health practice, Your Body Electric, teaches unified physics, manages event production for transformational festivals including Sonic Bloom, and her present focus of research, other than current events, is on becoming lawfully and financially sovereign.

Drishti Talk: "The New Paradigm of Frequency Medicine"

Technology is bifurcating, as is health and our applications for achieving wellness.  Join Dr. Stephinity Salazar in this info-packed lecture as she discusses the foundations of the old and new paradigms of medicine and the future of holistic medicine, focusing on our biophysical structure.  This talk will include unified physics models, electromagnetic theory, historical examples, cellular pH and voltage, memory storage in aqueous solutions, supplementation for detox and immunity, and modern neo-biofeedback technologies.