Each morning will begin with a meditation, guided with soulful music played by some of our music artists, to heighten your awareness, consciousness, and  mindfulness and prepare you for the fulfilled, and imaginative day ahead. Perhaps you want to start your day with a guided mindful hike  Your day will progress with our carefully selected music artists and teachers that encompass sound healing and stretch, in addition to, powerful and delightful yoga movement classes and restorative experiences. Feel the movement, feel the music, and heal your soul.

Morning Meditation

A guided meditation with music led by inspirational artists like All These Diamonds.

Fuel Up

Explore all the yummy places Snowmass Village has to offer to grab snacks, meals, and drinks.

Morning Flow

Music will be led by various music artists and teachers including DJ Taz Rashid.

Morning Lecture

Enjoy morning inspirational and motivational lectures to include: Vince Kadlubek, founder and director of Meow Wolf who invites you to explore your creativity beyond your own imagination, as well as Nancy Pickard, author of Bigger, Better Braver, to provide a magical experience on “how to live your best life”. Prepare to immerse yourself into deeper realms of your own self.

Midday Flow

Drishti Beats Live Music Yoga Experience, Yoga Dance Flow with DJ Michelle, and other musical movement experiences that will open your heart to joy.

Midday Yoga Flow classes and Acro Yoga | SoundHealing | Breath-work Activation Workshop

Join some of our other renowned teachers to guide you through an afternoon of sound healing, stretch, yin ,and restorative yoga classes with music by our various artists. Take a musical journey through chakra alignment.  The class offerings will be abundant, enlightening, and fun while inspiring you to move with grace and ease

Afternoon Lecture

Indulge in more enlightenment with one of our highly acclaimed speakers including Pam Maraldo, author of: In search of a Soul.  Have a listen to our panel of performing line up artists who will speak about their own inspiration in creating music

Need to rest and recharge? Join us throughout the day at the Wellness Haven - a Wellness Space Curated By Habitual Roots. The Haven is an intentional space for grounding, resting, connecting, reflecting, and igniting a sense of wonder within us all.

Fuel up for the Night Ahead

Now your mind, body, and spirit is ready to explore the amazing night of music that lies ahead.  Each night provides a voyage into music bliss as you travel from our unique downtempo vibes to our deep house dance explosion. Let the sound transport you beyond your imagination. Set yourself free.

Music Lineup