Presenting Yoga Artist

Aaron King

Aaron discovered yoga while working in the music industry for BMG in Los Angeles in 1998. During his 6 years in Phoenix, AZ, as co-founder of at One Yoga, Aaron studied various in-depth styles of yoga. Completing teacher training in 2000 and embracing a teaching path empowered him to develop his own unique style.

Aaron believes that fusing music and yoga is a vehicle for enhancing a healthier lifestyle on and off the mat. He believes the yoga practice is a lifestyle: embracing patience, balance, and truth. His classes incorporate challenging Vinyasa flow with creative sequencing set to his unique mix of music.

His honest and heartfelt classes encourage his students to use yoga as a vehicle to reduce stress, find happiness, and move beyond personal limitations which, in turn, empowers our spirit.

Masterclass: King Yoga Jam

Come into the world of Aaron King and celebrate his abundance of exemplary guidance and insightful music. Take your experience on your mat to a higher level of consciousness and really feel bliss.  Yoga, Music, Life!