Presenting Yoga Artist

Alec Rouben

Alec Vishal Rouben is a Lover of Life, and all things health, wellness, and opportunity for higher states of consciousness. Alec has been practicing for 10 years and teaching just under that, where he has completed one training per year. Alec is gifted with an extreme eye of attention and holds a profound ability to read students to help them find proper alignment and posture.

Masterclass: Love your Foundation, Love Your Life, Part One and Two 

Welcome to Yoga On The Inside Practice! LOVING life is an inside job, as is learning to face the challenges life presents to us. Alec is here to offer LoveLifeYoga with an approach to practice that takes your awareness to the depths of your cells -- challenging your physical body through stillness and movement, accompanied by breathe and exciting music from one or our featured music artists we will learn together. We will cultivate tools for self reliance, which yoga teaches us how to maintain balance in an ever changing world where our emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic states of being are constantly in flux.