Presenting Yoga Artist

Annie Dee Coyle

Born into a family of mantra meditators, Annie Dee was introduced to the deeper dimensions of the yogic traditions at an early age. She learned her first meditation technique when she was five and has been exploring the subtleties of mantra ever since. She studies with Himalayan Yoga Master, Yogrishi Vishvketu, in the system of Akhanda yoga, which uses elements of sound, breath, movement, meditation, and wisdom to drive a holistic experience of Yoga.

Masterclass: Mantra Slow Flow feat. DJ Taz Rashid

Mantra in tandem with slow flow with DJ Taz Rashid - Using the mystical power of ancient yogic mantra in tandem with a slow-flow postural practice, this class provides an alchemical dive into witnessing how movement and sound converge within the human vessel. This class includes the elements of mantra, movement, breathwork, and musical accompaniment from DJ Taz Rashid. Guided by Annie Dee, this class is intelligently designed for cultivating connectivity to one’s heart-centered self and one’s place within the cosmos