Presenting Yoga Artist

Chelsea Bennett

Chelsea aims to provide compassion space for those ready to reclaim their life and connect to their true authentic wholeness. Having certifications in Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching, Breathwork, Reiki, and Yoga, Chelsea’s approach to healing is one that is holistic and rooted in both science and spirituality. Her own journey of healing her traumas has led her to travel the world and explore a variety of modalities and experiences. In the many healing modalities that she has explored and applied, she has most extensively studied breathwork as she has found it to be the most accessible and beneficial. Chelsea is passionate about providing support and safe care to those in need and opening up their hearts to the healing power of the breath.

Masterclass: Breath Journey  feat. DJ Taz Rashid

Welcome to a journey into your body and consciousness through the power of your breath. This breathwork experience utilizes an active breathing technique that opens us up to deep healing and transformation. It allows the body to process and alchemize its felt experience and explore the depths of our consciousness. Among its many benefits, this style of breathwork helps in releasing that which no longer serves us in order to create space for more loving and intentional lives.