Presenting Yoga Artist

Dat Yoga Dude

James Woods AKA Dat Yoga Dude is a yoga teacher, counselor and creator of Feel Free 2 Feel Free, a culturally competent evidence-based yoga and mindfulness program for schools that provide social, emotional, and physical wellness, tools for students to develop skills for learning readiness, self-regulation, and positive school climate. FF2FF offers culturally competent trainings, classes and resources to impact student’s grades, attendance, behaviors and citizenship. It empowers students to meet improvement goals while preparing them for a lifetime of health, wellness, and success.  He specializes in creating fun and engaging presentations for youth and adults, helping them deal with stress, and learn to build healthy behaviors and feel free!

Masterclass: Dorian's Live Neosoul and Yoga

James is the teacher for Dorian’s Live Neosoul and Yoga - Participants will move through a yoga flow led by yoga teacher (James) Dat Yoga Dude, while grooving to conscious neosoul music with live vocals by indie singer Dorian. Finger-snapping, toe-tapping and freestyle dance breaks along with unplugged segments with Dorian sharing the life experiences that inspired his songs as you flow is what to expect during this soulful serenading experience. James provides the beautiful connection of Dorian's message to movement.  Come just feel good with these two rock stars. All levels welcome!