Presenting Yoga Artist

Emelie Rose

New Orleans born yogini, poet, mystic, creator, dancer, magic maker, Emelie Rose walks through life with passion and play. With a deep love for many different movement modalities, she curates a guided journey that aims to bring beings into a deeper conversation with themselves and spirit. Weaving inner and outer landscapes through skilled yogic asana, visualization, improvisation, and a whole lot of fun, her curious heart will leave you feeling fresh and new.

Masterclass: Remember How to Play feat. Random Rab

A movement fusion masterclass designed to help us navigate through challenging aspects of our mental health, and create new pathways of movement and thought so that we exist in more harmony with ourselves and each other.

Through yoga, breath, body art, improvisation, and dance we will create a baseline that is curious rather than fearful. Together, we will build a container that allows us to feel safe enough in our bodies to play and return to joy.

This is an interactive class where we'll take it off the mat and into each others hearts. Come as you are, with an open mind, and get ready to play!