Presenting Yoga Artist

Jayne Gottleib

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful community change agent. She is a long time yoga/dance and meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur and ‘IN-BODYment’ coach who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health, and inspires fully alive living. Jayne is known for her vigorous, devotional and transformative classes as well as her ability to bring lightness and soul into life on and off the mat. She is a dedicated practitioner as well as the creator/founder of Aspen Shakti and The Body Practice™. She embodies what she teaches and leads/inspires students with the same drive and encouragement she gives herself.

Masterclass: THE BODY ALIVE

A liberating and enlivening dance inspired class at its core. This is the ultimate IN-BODYment practice, that combines yoga, African dance, high intensity cardio training, hip hop, capoeira, pilates, modern dance,  isolated muscle strengthening, and a little bit of sex. Overall students will experience a release of heaviness, a rise in their vibration and achieve the result of being visibly alive and at home in their radiant body. This practice is powerful, enlivening, intoxicating, addicting, liberating, graceful and it is for EVERYONE! The class ends with a deep stretch and meditation.Expect a total shake out, tons of fun, loud music, heart pumping, sweat and release.  With this class we remember 'enlightenment means to lighten up’. Come ready to move and leave feeling like you just left a nightclub.