Presenting Yoga Artist

Jonah Kest

Jonah Kest was born into a yoga legacy. With his father, vinyasa yoga pioneer Jonny Kest, and his mother, Milla Kest, as one of the first yoga business owners and yoga teacher training programs in the midwest. He was destined to follow the path. Today Jonah is a well traveled ashtanga/vinyasa teacher whose classes are both graceful and intense. Jonah is a Nike Master Trainer, and hosts his own variety of trainings and retreats.

Masterclass: Hip Hop Vinyasa

The balance of ancient asana, dynamic flow, and modern day hip hop beats are sure to ignite your spirit!
This 60 minute experience will leave you feeling energized and free! Come feel the raw connection of body and mind through vinyasa yoga! .feat music byJonah Kest, himself.


Masterclass: Ashtanga Remix

Human beings innately seek the balance of stability and variety. Within each of the ancient roots of Ashtanga there is opposition. Come explore the union of modern Vinyasa's edgy transitions and the foundation we all know and love. feat. music by Jonah Kest, himself