Presenting Yoga Artist

DJ Parasox | Kevin Wong

parasox • \PAIR-uh-socks\ • noun. 1 a : a musical journey that seemingly creates wonder around the similarity of nature alongside the digital world.

Sound and music has been one of our initial forms to communicate emotions. This innate intelligence of expression is within us all.

Following a motorcycle accident, Kevin reconnected back to the medicine of music that has inspired him to curate musical moments in time for communities around the world.

The origin of the name: with Kevin’s practice in breathwork and cold-therapy, he loves the cold and wears slips year round, even in the snow. Hence, that it is a paradox that parasox sounds like • \PAIR-uh-socks\ •

Let’s boogie in gratitude

Masterclass: Habitual Yoga

Kevin will be accompanying Amanda Anspach in their Habitual Roots class with his amazing vibes while Amanda journey's you through aligned asana paired with themes from the sutras, subtle body anatomy, and elevating habits.  Let's immerse.