Presenting Yoga Artist

Reace Daniel

Reace brings his years of entertainment in to the storytelling of yoga. RTY 500 with Amy Ippoliti and Vesselify Yoga, he offers both strong alignment along side moving dharma and passion. From headlining Sonic Bloom Yoga Festival to leading classes for DAYBREAKER events atop One Freedom Tower NYC for LG and all over the world, Reace is known to bring out the best and most playful side of the student while they are on the mat. Currently you can find him ןn Denver CO, at Ohana Yoga , Samadhi Yoga Sangha , & The Clayton Club. Also online with Yogi Approved! Check out his one of a kind Mala ,

Masterclass: Bhakti Vinyasa 

With live guitar and Sanskrit sounds we create a vibration with intention. That intention then travels with us on the mat in movement and connected breath. Be ready to sing, make noise, and create a memory thru sound. This class is all levels and will leave you vibrant and alive.

Masterclass: Electronic Kirtan

We bring the ancient sound to a modern rhythm. This live session is all about connection the intentions of a mantra to its personalized meaning in your life. The ambient electronica lends itself to the ear and sense of recognition in our souls. Show up to experience bliss and joy!