Presenting Yoga Artist

Steve Turner

Steve Turner is from Cleveland Ohio. He has played musical medicine his whole life. Before sound healing he played in an all instrumental project. He started doing yoga after watching the movie “Awake the life of Yogananda.”  Meditating led him to start polar plunging, and then to yoga, and on to sound healing. He fell in love with the practice of yoga and playing during savasana. He found his home and right away knew he wanted to share in healing like the pioneers have shared with him.

Masterclass: Sound Bath

During this Journey, Sound Bath, Steve will guide you on a guitar meditation. A few rounds of focused breathing to slow the mind and help center and ground your energy . He then will send you on a Journey into bliss full of vibrational sounds. His healing ceremony is featuring rich tones of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, rain sticks and many other soothing sounds.