Presenting Yoga Artist

Vic Hennegan

Vic Hennegan, now residing in New Mexico, has been writing, recording, producing and performing electronic music for several years. As a live performer he has performed at such shows as The Gathering Concert Series in Philadelphia, Cyberstock of Los Angeles, Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Soul Motion, Northern California Dance Collective and many other venues around the world. With synthesizers, samplers, and vocals Hennegan’s instinctive hand creates tribal, techno-trance and ambient music in a wildly fun, uplifting spiritual experience that will take your soul on a journey to the center of ecstasy.”A unique warmth emanates from Hennegan’s music moving the listener to a state of euphoria.

Hennegan invokes the timeless tradition of music’s healing powers. Visit his website

Masterclass: Rhythms in Motion

Dance and connect with yourself, with others, with the planet and the Universe. For in this dance, we are one.