Chad Cisneros
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Chad Cisneros


Chad Cisneros is a well-known name in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as one half of the acclaimed duo Tritonal, along with David Reed. With numerous chart-topping hits, Chad has made a name for himself in the industry.

Chad’s journey has been one of immense personal growth and transformation, which eventually led to his latest project, PRAANA.
His journey began when he discovered both electronic music and psychedelics at the age of 15. He was searching for an altered state of consciousness and was suffering from an unfillable void. This led to an addictive behavior towards drugs, which lasted for years. He realized that he needed to make a change and went through various forms of therapy to overcome his addiction.

Chad’s spiritual journey began when he embraced abstinence in his 20s, however, he felt that the rooms of recovery perpetuated a language that he needed to move beyond. This sparked his interest in seeking a new language, and he delved into yogic and spiritual studies. Chad’s latest project, PRAANA, is a partial reflection of his spiritual journey and love for music.

Not only is PRAANA on our music lineup but Chad will be presenting a lecture about his transformational journey, from a 16-year-old held back by
drug abuse, to a top EDM artist and a seeker of yogic and spiritual practices. He believes that addiction can manifest in places beyond substance abuse, such as the constant craving for material success and the desire to escape discomfort by coping mechanisms that eventually keep us from evolving into our true selves.

Masterclass: A Life Beyond Craving.  A Yogic Perspective.


Chad aims to tap into the psychology of craving alleviation and wants to help people understand that happiness is not sustainable when it is based on the fulfillment of cravings. He wants to inspire people to tap into the aspect of the self that is bliss and manifest it in their lives. Chad's journey is a testament to the power of transformation and how it is never too late to start a spiritual journey.