Presenting Speaker Artist

Stephanie Karzon Abrams

Stephanie K Abrams, originally from Montreal, now living in Southern California, is a clinical pharmacologist, community builder, and entrepreneur with an established and evolving interest in neurology and psychedelics. She provides scientific and operational advisory to a number of projects and business, as well as has pioneered some of her own initiatives. Stephanie has also devoted her life to exploring the intersection of music and medicine and co-founded the music collective and label Public Secret. She is driven by a foundational belief that music encourages growth and propels progress through the community it forms.
Stephanie is motivated to push psychedelics forward with a lens of formal and legitimate research as well as push the boundaries of innovation in health and wellness.
Affiliations: American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (member), Mt Mushmore, Higher Elevations (co-founder), Neurology Centre of Toronto by Numinus (Scientific Advisory and researcher), Alusia (Scientific Advisor, COO), Microdosing Collective (Scientific Advisor), Kawasaki Disease Foundation (board member), The Last 6 (co-founder).


Stephanie will take you through an intriguing lecture as she discusses the current state of psychedelic therapy in North America including:
-What is psychedelic therapy and why is it such a promising alternative?
-Macro versus microdosing
-Psychedelic application to the field of Neurology (ie headaches)
-An alternative plant medicine called Kanna, that is legal and that can be a powerful ally, useful tool, as well as great introductory plant to work with.